Polydentia Macro-Wedges PY5030

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Fed up with time-consuming finishing because the wedge was not large enough? Discover the new complete assortment of extra large wedges!

Additionally wooden Macro-Wedges are already impregnated with aluminium potassium sulphate, a well known agent with astringent effect, as often in case of large interdental spaces a rubber dam cannot be placed. Macro-Wedges are the ideal solution for geriatric dentistry, perio-cases, big interdental spaces between natural teeth and crowns or implant crowns, and in general for conservative dentistry in case of large interdental spaces.



  • Extra large wooden wedges
  • Ideal for geriatric dentistry
  • For perio-cases
  • In general for big interdental spaces
  • With hemostatic effect!
  • Assorted sizes from 2.8mm – 4.0mm