F.E. Cardozo

About Cardozo

F.E. Cardozo Limited is a family run business that has
been supplying products to UK dentists since 1963.

The aim of the team at Cardozo has always been to
provide the highest levels of customer care and to
offer a friendly and reliable service.

F.E. Cardozo

Our Range of Dental Products

About Us

We have always sought out the best products on the market and have a keen eye for new products that offer a practical advantage to dentists. Cardozo are proud to be the exclusive UK suppliers for a range of leading brands that include Polydentia, SteriBlue, Harald Nordin, Carl Martin and Pulpadent.

The team at Cardozo have an extensive knowledge of dental products gained over many years in the trade. We are happy to offer help and advice on any of our products, so please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.