Polydentia Amalgam Guns

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Plastic, autoclavable

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Made from high-resistant stable plastic for increased durability. Easy to disassemble for cleaning. Clog-free in use. Available in 3 different shapes. Tip diameter 2.3mm.


  Instructions For Use

It is advisable to lubricate the nozzle with a little vaseline or silicone spray before replacing the nozzle after autoclaving.
Do not overtighten the nozzle as this can cause stress at the joint and mat weaken it.
The amalgam carrier is not designed to be used as a lever, the nozzle may break if put under great stress.
The nozzle may wear in time and has a limited lifespan.

Cleaning Instructions
Remove nozzle and clean all residue amalgam with an interspace brush.
Clean head of the plunger with a tissue to remove all traces of amalgam.
Autoclave at 134° for a maximum of 10 minutes.