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Titanium Post System

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Titanium posts – no chemical reaction, no corrosion, light weight and very strong.

Pure titanium 99.6% (specification: 99.6% Ti, 0.03% N2, 0.10% C, 0.013% H2, 0.05% Fe, 0.20% O2). Titanium has no chemical reaction, no corrosion and is light in weight, yet very strong. Titanium is absolutely tissue compatible and is the metal mostly recommended for human implants.
Cylindrical-conical. 2/3 of length absolutely cylindrical for best retention, 1/3 of length 3? conical to avoid stress in the apex area of the root.
Special thread:
Thread designed to give mechanical retention in the dentine when screwed in or to give retention in the cement if post is cemented.
Head design:
Slot around head to provide mechanical retention to build-up material composite or amalgam. Head also has cross cut to make use of handy cross key.
Evacuation slot:
Slot along threaded part to allow escape of excess cement which might otherwise cause pressure in the apex.

Kit contains 100 posts (5 posts each in 20 sizes), 1 hollow key, 1 cross key, 7 reamers and reamer stand.